A perfect all-round Chinese language environment with scientific placement and step-by-step curriculum design to enable international students to maximise their studies. In addition to the internship experience, there is also the opportunity to obtain HSK test certificates, to master more language skills and to exercise flexible multilingual thinking and cognitive style.


Language competence and professional knowledge should eventually reflect their values in practical application. Students of HSK GIIP will join various types of companies in China as an internship to gain first-hand work experience in real environment. They can then integrate knowledge with practice and also apply knowledge to practice.


Staying in Shanghai, one of the most international cities in China, students will have the opportunity to experience the living style of contemporary Chinese people. In an international classroom, they will also experience the collision and exchange of diverse cultures and improve their cross-cultural competence. At the same time, they can fully employ their language advantages and educational background to gain a sense of accomplishment.


This project provides nearly 1,000 internship positions and practice opportunities in conjunction with Zhangjiang Science City, Fortune 500 companies, innovative and entrepreneurial unicorn enterprises, well-known cultural and creative enterprises, Joint Office and innovation space.


Program A
English Teaching Scholarship Program

Full Scholarship

  • 0 Program Fee, Full scholarship
  • No need for basic Chinese
  • Free High-quality Apartment Accommodation Provided
  • Language & Culture Courses
  • Teaching Opportunities Recommended in High-quality Education Institutes
  • Experience the Urban Lifestyle in Shanghai--China’s Most Important Economic Center

Program B
China Business Internship Program

¥21300 / semester

  • Multiple Choices of Business Practice Opportunities
  • Practical Experience in a Genuine Business Environment
  • Internship Certificate for Outstanding Performance
  • Optimize Your Experience between Internship and Study
  • Experience the Urban Lifestyle in Shanghai-China’s Most Important Economic Center


Curriculum Program A
English Teaching Scholarship Program
Program B
China Business Internship Program
Chinese Course
10-18 Class hour / week
Scientific placement tests to determine class level (10 Levels)
Fudan Univ. is an authorized HSK test center. Students can take HSK examinations on campus and evaluate the learning outcomes (test fee on students own expenses)
Mini Business Seminar
About 2/month
Provide Advanced Lectures on China’s Industries and Business development and operation practice.
Mobile Classroom Cultural topics: select to organize cultural activity or lectures to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. Options may include calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, TCM and Tai-Chi
Business Visits: Visiting leading enterprises and companies in various industries to provide valuable face-to-face exchange opportunities for foreign students
Business Practice
16-28 hour / week
Practice: Arrange appropriate companies and enterprises to provide internships for foreign students. Students will get a first hand understanding of the business
Qualification Certificate: Provide information and opportunities for international students to obtain professional qualification certificates in order to build a foundation for their future careers


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For Program A, the fee consists of 400 yuan for registration and 2000 USD (or 1500 GBP) as refundable deposit. For Program B, the fee consists of 400 yuan for registration, 10500 yuan for tuition of Fudan language course, and 10400 yuan for the project.

Yes, it's generally around 100-200 yuan/day depending on the enterprises and responsibilities.

The first step is to take the Chinese grading test at school and determine the course schedule. Then consult with the company to determine the internship schedule.

Yes, we will provide a large number of internship options, according to your requirements and expectations to help you match the company. Most internships do not require work experience.


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About GIIP

The HSK GIIP is a Joint Project of Chinese Testing International and Fudan University which aims at recruiting international students from all over the world with multilingual and multicultural backgrounds to study the language and culture and also match the internship gaps of well-known enterprises in China. The exchanges and interactions therefore provide a high-quality platform between Chinese companies and overseas talents.

Through language learning, cultural visit, business practice and other links, international students can master certain Chinese skills in a short period of time; learn more about the international business operation in the context of Chinese economy and business culture; experience the Chinese market environment, and improve the business operation ability in the Chinese working environment. At the same time, it will also help domestic enterprises to reserve talent teams that can effectively perceive and serve the international market, enhance mutual understanding of multiculturalism between the two sides, and expand international vision.

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