Program background

With its increasing socioeconomic development, China is moving towards the world in a more positive and all-round manner. The international community, especially the younger generation, has gradually shifted the focus from the traditional tourism in China to long term plans involving working and living in China. “A country will prosper only when its youth thrive”, therefore, all levels from governments to enterprises are actively promoting exchanges and learning between China and the world‘s youth groups.

Following the launch of the “Millenary Trainee Plan" in China and France in 2015 to promote youth exchanges between the two countries, China and Germany also signed the “Joint Intention Statement of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on the Youth Internship Exchange Program ” in 2018. Exchanges between youth across the world and Chinese youth are increasingly booming. In recent years, Chinese Testing International have build platforms for expats studying in several universities in China. Top institutions like Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University highly value and have been actively involved in this program. In order to strengthen study and internship opportunities for foreign students in China, through our research and integration of various resources, Chinese Testing International have combined their strengths in language and teaching channels to jointly launch the Global Youth Innovation Internship Program. This program works as a platform to display a multi-angle and three-dimensional contemporary China to the world and to get talented people ready for this cross-cultural, trans-regional and globalized era.

Project objective

GIIP is initiated and fully supported and recognised by Chinese Testing International, the official state organization for worldwide Chinese language examinations. It aims to enable international students to master certain Chinese skills in a short period of time through language learning, cultural visits and business practices; to learn more about international business operations in the context of China's economy and business culture; to experience the Chinese market environment as well as to improve their ability in business practices in the Chinese working environment. At the same time, it will also help Chinese enterprises to effectively perceive and serve the talent team in the international market, enhance the mutual understanding of multiculturalism between the two sides, and expand their international perspective.

Program content

There are two main contents of the project - GIIP English Teaching Scholarship Program and GIIP China Business Internship Program. The former is suitable for native English speakers, with educational experience, and hopes to develop in education related industries. The latter is suitable for those who want to develop their business in China and want to learn Chinese in a business environment.

Program highlights

The project features immersion language environment, enterprise welfare subsidies and retention opportunities, learning by doing and landing service supporting. Specifically,perfect language immersion environment with scientific placement test to determine class level which ensures the best language learning experience. Program students will also have chances to get HSK test certificate and enhance their multilanguage abilities. GIIP cooperative enterprises will subsidize the students participating in the internship project with a fee of no less than 150 yuan / day, encourage overseas talents to come to China for development, and those who perform well in their work will have the opportunity to obtain the retention qualification.Adhering to the concept of LEARNING BY DONG, program students will have opportunity to put their knowledge of Chinese language and business into practice through working with some leading companies and organizations in various fields.One stop application for visa and other formalities, landing and recommendation of high-quality accommodation and life related supporting services around the school.

How to apply:

1. Log on to, then search and apply for internship positions.
    Register and activate the account→Fill in the Resume information→view the positions and submit applications→Wait for the result.

2. You will be contacted within 72 hours about the result of preliminary assessment.

3. Candidates who have passed the preliminary assessment can arrange to pay the enrollment fee following further notice.

4. GIIP team will assist candidates with Fudan Univ. online applications and arrange interview according to requirement of internship companies.

5. Candidates whose online applications have been accepted by the school can arrange to pay program fee following further notice. Candidates provide payment receipts of program fee or refundable deposit to complete the application.

6. Candidates can apply for visa to China after receiving the admission and visa application documents.


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About GIIP

The HSK GIIP is a Joint Project of Chinese Testing International and Fudan University which aims at recruiting international students from all over the world with multilingual and multicultural backgrounds to study the language and culture and also match the internship gaps of well-known enterprises in China. The exchanges and interactions therefore provide a high-quality platform between Chinese companies and overseas talents.

Through language learning, cultural visit, business practice and other links, international students can master certain Chinese skills in a short period of time; learn more about the international business operation in the context of Chinese economy and business culture; experience the Chinese market environment, and improve the business operation ability in the Chinese working environment. At the same time, it will also help domestic enterprises to reserve talent teams that can effectively perceive and serve the international market, enhance mutual understanding of multiculturalism between the two sides, and expand international vision.

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